How Technology Will Change Our Lives Twenty Years From Now

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About the Author: Salah Stevens is a licensed attorney focusing on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. As a fan of innovation, Stevens is a fierce proponent of the changes that are happening with Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin, believing strongly in the worldwide improvements that the blockchain technology can bring. For more:

A Great Time to be Alive

If someone were to go back to the 1900s when things like smartphones, computers, and artificial intelligence were incomprehensible technologies, they would witness a completely different way of life. After all, functioning elevators were once considered to be advanced. Now, people find even advanced products like drones on their way to becoming an everyday item. Improvements are being made daily and life-changing innovations occur more rapidly.

What are some of the ways that technology might alter our lives in another twenty years?

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3 Great Financial Hacks To Try Today

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By freelance writer/contributor Lucy Wyndham

Americans continue to live beyond their means. The average household has about $137,063 in debt. An estimated $16,883 of that is attributed to credit card debts. However, the median income per household in America stands at just above $59,000. With the cost of living rising faster than the incomes, we face increasing choices in how we spend our money. Being financially savvy is becoming much more important. Just as we should design a life plan and individual goals, this has never been truer when it comes to finances. Here are some great effective hacks to get you started.

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Why It’s A Great Time to Be A Senior

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By freelance writer/contributor Lucy Wyndham

While many millennials are sharing laments on Facebook about ‘the way life used to be’, seniors are sipping on a cup of java at their local café, connecting with friends, playing online games, and even doing their gift shopping on the internet. It can be challenging to learn the ins and out of new devices and technologies when we are older, yet they are making life easier for seniors in many ways, helping them face important setbacks. It is, perhaps, a wake-up call to stop polarizing seniors and tech.

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