Visiting Aria

Over the weekend I made a trip to Las Vegas for my friend Katie’s 30th birthday celebration.

On Saturday we paid a visit to CityCenter, the newest development on the strip that includes 2 hotels, a condo structure, restaurants, shopping center and spas.

The development, officially opened in December, is completely LEED-certified making it the largest sustainably-designed architectural development in the world. Rockstar architects involved in the project include Helmut Jahn, Studio Daniel Libeskind, and Foster + Partners.

The modernist design is breathtaking with plenty of glass and steel, extraordinary lighting and surprising turns and angles at every step.

It’s a beautiful complex and well worth the visit. I had a great time visiting the Aria Casino where we caught a few football games, played some games of our own in the casino and nibbled at a totally delish patisserie.  Check out some snaps below!


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