4 Essential Hacks For An Affordable Work-Travel Lifestyle

Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

By freelance writer/contributor Lucy Wyndham

If you are able to work from home, you can work from anywhere in the world. Of course, there are a few exceptions. But, for the most part, you are blessed with the skills and the type of lifestyle that allows you to travel and work. The term for this is “digital nomad,” and there are a few hacks that can make this lifestyle more financially comfortable for you.

Dump Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is ridiculously expensive. But, through Google, you can get the same functionality for free. Google Drive is linked to your Gmail account, and you can access your files anytime from anywhere. Google Drive is also convenient for collaborative efforts. You and your colleagues can edit the same live document and see the changes in real time.

Find Cheap Shared Workspaces

Where and how can you get work done if you don’t have a dedicated office? There are still some necessary pieces of equipment, such as electrical outlets, reliable Wi-Fi, and maybe a desk, you need no matter where in the world you are working. Gone are the days when you needed to check-in at the nearest coffee shop. Instead, you can check out sites like WorkFrom to find a workspace with everything you need in any city.

Keep Your Finances Organized

When you are doing work for several different clients, it’s easy to lose track of your income and where it’s all going. How do you create a budget when your income changes drastically from month to month? One simple solution is to base your budget on the minimum amount you expect to earn. Then, if you earn additional income, have a plan in place for it. For example, if you make $500 more than you expected, you might use the extra cash for touristy adventures.

Set up an LLC in the EU

Anyone anywhere in the world can set up an e-Residency in Estonia. And, once you are an Estonian company, you become a European Union company. This gives you easy access to the largest single market in the world. Why does that matter? The EU has strong legal protections and frameworks. Plus, the currency is incredibly stable. And, having an LLC provides you with easy taxes, a professional image, and financial protections.

With these effortless hacks, you will never be tethered to a desk again. Best of luck.

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