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What’s Mamba Mentality? Kobe, Kyrie & The Pursuit Of Greatness

Kyrie Irving with the series-clinching shot


When describing their comeback at the end of Game 5, LeBron James famously said “It’s all about those two magic words. Game 7.”

In the NBA playoffs, each team battles an opponent from their division bracket-style, playing the best out of 7 games with the winning team advancing to the next round. It’s fairly common that each match up won’t make it all the way to Game 7 – sometimes a team will win four straight games, or they’ll battle it out through five. Making it to seven means that each team has given it their all and have an equal chance to advance. It all comes down to the final game. Or in this case, the final few seconds.

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8 Ways Minimalism Can Increase Your Productivity

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

I’ve moved a handful of times in the past few years. In order to make each transition go smoother than silk all efforts were made to donate or sell as much as humanly possible. (The word I used on repeat was “…catharsis!”)

In the end, it felt great to donate all those clothes I’d never wear again. I was initially sad to part with all the books I secretly knew I’d never read, knowing they’d find a better use in the end. The cooking supplies I’d barely use and stacks of house records I was holding onto for reasons only the vinyl gods know why — all of those things I simply didn’t need any more. They were a nice to have, but didn’t define or help me grow in any significant way within the present tense.

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Are Plastic Water Bottles Finished?

I practice yoga, running, and cycling several times a week (mainly to stay sane). For my yoga practice, I typically visit the TruYoga studios because it’s convenient – they’re downstairs from my office – and the roster of rotating teachers is incredible. Lately, I’ve been branching out a bit by taking advantage of Groupons and other deals in an effort to try new styles and mix it up a bit.

I noticed in tonight’s class over at Core Power Yoga that the studio offered bottled water to drink – but it was in glass containers, not plastic. It’s such a simple idea that makes so much sense. We already know that plastic bottles are not only toxic but wasteful.  It was great to see a little system in place where glass bottles were implemented. There was definitely some style happening there, too!

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Why a Falling Whistle?

I wear a whistle around my neck that Andy gave me.  I receive compliments on it all the time. It’s a great companion piece because it gives me a chance to tell a story about something important (It’s not like someone compliments me and I give them this long-winded story – well, that only happened once. Sorry, Brock!).

Falling Whistles is a non-profit organization that’s campaigning for peace in the Congo. The sale of their whistles raises money for education, advocacy, and the rehabilitation of war-affected people there.

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This fall marks a historic year because for the first time in a generation, the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have the chance to vote in a free and fair election.

See more, and learn what you can do to help:

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Support the cause, buy a whistle