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Why It’s A Great Time to Be A Senior

By Tiago Muraro on Unsplash

By freelance writer/contributor Lucy Wyndham

While many millennials are sharing laments on Facebook about ‘the way life used to be’, seniors are sipping on a cup of java at their local café, connecting with friends, playing online games, and even doing their gift shopping on the internet. It can be challenging to learn the ins and out of new devices and technologies when we are older, yet they are making life easier for seniors in many ways, helping them face important setbacks. It is, perhaps, a wake-up call to stop polarizing seniors and tech.

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Virtual Reality And The Future Of Storytelling

virtual reality

Photo: Pixabay

“Just so I understand this correctly, it’s possible to experience death in virtual reality. To experience what it’s actually like to die, in the brutalist of ways even. And as our senses develop — touch, smell, things like that — this experience is only going to get more realistic.”

The woman nodded in response. We were sitting across from each other in a large yurt that overlooked the Pacific Ocean, the door flap of the enormous tent making a gentle slapping sound in the wind as six of us sat cross-legged in a circle well past midnight.

The topic: virtual reality and consciousness.

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Smart Watch Review: The Vector Luna

Vector Smartwatch synced to iPhone app

As far as smartwatches go the Vector excels in both design and technical prowess.

It does exactly what ones assumes a smartwatch would do. It notifies the wearer of the info he or she wishes to receive. It also serves as an elegant and reliable timepiece — nothing more, nothing less.

People tend to converse about smartwatches in the same way they do about Google Glass. What’s a smartwatch other than another digital device stealing our time and attention? Do we really want another barrier to real human connection, especially one that from the very beginning appears to be somewhat gauche?

In our information-crazed society where FOMO is a real thing, aren’t we distracted enough?

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