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Virtual Relationships and Reality

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In today’s connected world it’s easy to initiate relationships with anyone from anywhere.

In our interpersonal exchanges we observe and learn, become challenged and entertained, provoke and be provoked, inspire and conversely dismiss. Then like any other online activity we (however conscious or purposely choose to) make, it’s on to something else.

Online, this exchange becomes easy through convenience. Comments can be short with responses seldom visited again. Time is be suspended or accelerated with little or no expectations on return.

Technology indicates how awesome our universal connectivity is on a very macro level. We read about it in case studies and are familiar with social media contributing to action on the ground.

Many of us are even likely to know someone who found their mate online, broadly taking into consideration the many meanings within the phonetics of the word “soul.”

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Groups At Work

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One of the great features the internet gives us is the ability to create and participate in custom-tailored groups. Groups are programmed yet unique, standard yet empowering, and  virtual yet oh-so real. The functionality of groups allow us to share info, plan trips, provide feedback, and collaborate to make things happen in the real world.

We can offer up news, media, and commentary while designing action items for rallying around the issues that matter to us. Groups are long-tail and egalitarian – everyone has a voice and similar to the early days of chat rooms, there’s usually something for everyone.

The groups you connect to may be public like niche interest groups on Facebook, or they may be private like an intranet you use for work. Maybe you’re working from a collaborative project management site like At Task or one of the dozens of others out there.

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When Relations Become Contextual

Niche-based friendships – we already know they exist.

I have a girlfriend who’s a total foodie. Now, she’s not particularly health conscious or loves to cook – she simply loves to know everything about restaurants, worldly cuisine, and things like deals on produce. My theory is this: the reason she’s obsessed with food is because she’s obsessed with knowledge.

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