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New shows on Moheak, KCHUNGradio

I’m thrilled to kick off 2012 with the announcement that I’m now hosting two online radio shows! Many of you already know my obsession with new music and undying love for radio. I’m thrilled for the opportunity and feel at home being back on the air to share some great new tunes with you!

KCHUNG 1630am Chinatown // // Sundays 7-8pm Pacific Time

Moheak Radio // // Wednesdays 6-7pm & 12am Pacific Time


From the Archive – Designing the Web

old business card design, circa 1999

old business card design, circa 1999

When I was 19, I traveled to Paris for my second college internship (the first was as a photographers assistant in Cleveland. Not as glamorous as Paris, but I still learned a lot.)

For three months, I worked in the art department learning how to design websites while attempting to improve my French.

Over Memorial Day weekend I spent time going through some old files, and discovered these design mock-ups I had made.

It’s amazing that these were done 10 years ago. Check out the browser!

Most of the time, the designers were given a website to create from scratch. They’d fill me in on the specs, give me logos and other assets, then set me loose to create my own interpretation.

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Music Video as Interactive Art: Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire, seminal indie band with the #7 record in the country (previously at #1), has teamed up with director Chris Milk and the good folks over at Google Chrome Experiments to create an interactive music video for the single We Used To Wait.

The first of it’s kind, the video utilizes Google maps + HTML 5 video, audio and canvas to present a multi-window, choreographed experience.

Simply enter the address of the house you grew up in and the feature takes it from there.

The experience was designed to work in Google Chrome, but seems to work in Safari too.

I’d rather not spoil anything – check it out for yourself, here!