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Transitions (Untitled)

Artwork by See-One

Artwork by See-One

daylight peeks through our best plans
twilight seeps in quickly
the monumental times we had are gone
dry toast and a cup of tar coffee.

emotional underpinnings of a bottomless youth
a gap from then until now
games grow weary of our manipulations
reality quietly taps on a door nailed shut.

overgrown with weeds and ill-fated figures
of what we once were, the clock turns back
when comfort kicks in.

The coming hours will be daunting
filled with unknown risks with unwritten rules.
Temporary feelings are gingerly placed
borrowed, tested, perhaps real and true.

The gambling of trust is vague and remote
released with a startling splash
identifying emotions from a more perilous time
Am I good enough?  I’m good enough for what may come.


a smirk or a smile
i decipher it with research and analysis
wondering why not sooner.
or a lot of other things for that matter.

evolution is pushed in natural ways
by the desire to become something greater.

a personal revolution is tough and diligent
fearless and free
which comes first, the method or the practice?

today is a day of observation
the study of people
the time to close a valve and listen to
a strong-armed fear of silence.

Staying out of drug stores in 2012 (phase 1)

infinitesimally twitchy
latching onto news or social nets
waking in untimely intervals
constantly awaiting bad news.

i don’t want to miss it.
i want to be on top of it, inside of it, control it.
we need to be ready to act.

moving with the sun’s light i get out of bed
wash my face, glancing up to notice that
my eyes are changing color
an unidentifiable shade of green.

in traffic and wonder
if something will hit me today.
loud blind spots are a haphazard
my desire to connect in theatrical ways.

[it’s ironic what happened then]

in daylight’s dominance contributions are weighed
worrying about wellness, worrying about u.

there is no need to worry about me,
i’ve forgiven myself and bury things deep.

i want to crawl inside of relationships that never happened
while the thought looms large of what was imaginary –
crumbly non-waitings.

meanwhile come valentines day
i’ll avoid the sweet, fat-filled treats
feeling exempt from dangerous love
a lonely 21st century model.

i was called upon and asked to sing
but the words wouldn’t come. i’m a shithead.
i don’t know when i’ll see him next, if ever
preparing myself for it every time.

he fades in and out of awareness
nailing jokes when he’s awake
i fumble for the correct thing to say
just as we did then.

selfish thoughts of self-imposed disconnect
a glove-less hand needing to extend
i need to give to everyone.

i ask what i can do and
it’s heartbreaking when the phone cuts out.


beauty in motion is reflected in others who love you
i never see it in myself, not never
i never want to. it’s not important.
actions bestowed upon others generate a reflection
that most accurately depicts us all.

i need aura spray, to get through the day.
there’s glitter and tiny capsules of hoodia on the floor;
chocolate in the freezer from last nights’ party.

holiday season checklist

aura spray
lash extensions
diet shot injections
electro face lift
family time


awake in spirit
asleep in application

chilly bones and warm thoughts
the sun laughs at our inclinations
and i just can’t wait until the end of the month.

when i’m there i’ll be antsy too.
restless and sleepy
eating too much while hibernating and
contemplating either more or less –
another family to call my own.

we never understood each other
why don’t people ask more questions?