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III. Science vs. Magic

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 Have you ever craved something and wished it would appear?

I wonder if you’ll walk in the door. I glance up without realizing the motion has been frequent.

If you appeared it wouldn’t be unexpected. Although I don’t believe in magic enough to think this would actually occur.

I make it sound like I’m sitting here waiting, which I’m not – I mean, it’s not why I came here.

I just like to write about this.

I set my IM status to “manifest” for just short of a year. (Since then I’ve learned that)
It’s hard to manifest things through technology.

Now I meditate on things like purpose, identity, and finding fire.

My home is my base, my enabler. There’s no fire there – just a warmly lit simmer, comfortable and close in the way only time can build.

Are you thinking about me too?

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II. Enemies, Lovers, and Friends.


Newton’s Laws of Motion:

  • First law: The velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force.[3][4][5]
  • Second law: The acceleration a of a body is parallel and directly proportional to the net force F and inversely proportional to the mass m, i.e., F = ma.
  • Third law: The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear.

We spin in circles moving outwardly, within groups and in single drifting dreidel tops spinning alone out to sea.

We wake in a pile of political games after sleeping long throughout the day. We drown in deep shadows, afraid of what could be when the present is at hand. We fight for acknowledgement and burn through passion like a cheap book of matches struck over and over again with no gratification in sight. Why do we do it?

Why are we so quick to burn through people?

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I. The One-Off Life.


This is what I know right now.


I’ve distanced myself from the things that were real at one point strictly in my mind, giving way to clarity within the 3-dimensional life I actually live. The difference between the truths of the world I wanted and the one I used to exist in reveals not unfortunate disconnect but restlessness in possibility.

The need to feed ourselves first and foremost on three core levels (physical, mental, emotional) supersedes the unfortunate trigger of release through self-destruction, despite who or whatever seems to (however subconsciously) enjoy getting in the way.

The time I thought I could do anything has been eclipsed by an era of consciousness and strategic ambition.

Although I never really understood the time and space of anything that needed to be, I’ve come to understand the true value of living. Some moments exist purely as a fleeting instant – a sparkly wink that either makes no mark or the greatest of all.  Your smile can give way to a fully-expressed circular completion of the moment that delivers an eternal yet simple verification of what is great.

My style of strife; my outwardly optimistic color wheel of a mood. Perception of time is a wound clock, curling and unfurling in it’s desire to drive forward with no real progress being made other than the intent to repeat itself of the same old foils and follies.

When you asked me nothing it made me sad. When you voiced no reason about why or what we’re doing here it made me increasingly locked out of something perhaps man-made but nonetheless a grand idea I’d like to (at some point) explore.

#1 Know the rules.  #2 Break the rules.

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