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V. Context and Supposition

Hand-delivered meaning courtesy of air status-quo.
We secure it in boxes making sense of the world.
Those who find a fit win the best prize.

Is this an excuse for particular behaviours?
I hold dearly to a thread of paths undefined.

Independent thinkers awaken outside of the box.
Circumstantially we’re at risk to lose – or to have  – everything.
I choose beyond measure, unsure if this includes us or boxes.

Creative people seek a place at the table through craft.
In diluted form of luck it drips to the masses.

I saw a photo I shouldn’t have seen
and whip back full of piss and vinegar
upset from the displaced context of things we see online.

I’ve outwardly changed my tune to cancel the noise.
No one will ever know the box I’ve built.

Shiny object or person of affection
game changer or playing games
I’ve since grown tired of hustlers and find no amusement in deriving deduction.

Gray is nothing until it is something, a social acknowledgment signed by both parties.
Until this is proven, we independently choose a path for truth
whomever the guide may be.

Time vested in nothing is a devaluing shade of assumption.
I ask why we burn through people, but maybe I’m the one who does it.
We want it all.

PS I’m not crazy

IV. Symmetry and Sundials

Special principle of relativity: If a system of coordinates K is chosen so that, in relation to it, physical laws hold good in their simplest form, the same laws hold good in relation to any other system of coordinates K’ moving in uniform translation relatively to K. — Albert Einstein: The Foundation of the General Theory of Relativity, Part A, §1

Suspended in time we stand still on a relative moving plane with little regard for rule. In the blank spaces of what hasn’t been said, we each silently regard the potential for the stuff legends are made of.

Two-dimensional reality runs parallel to virtual flesh and blood. We’re composed of blinking synapses that fire on small, colorful cupcakes and the idea of (someday) playing chess in the park.

Oh, the games we play.

Your opportune moves have small meaning on which to be assigned.

I’m a dreamer trapped in fighter’s form, shaped by invisible steel filled on the inside with melting glitter and gumdrops.

Somehow the game intensified along the way, making me feel lost. In our alternate reality the tricks and motives became unclear. Did the broken rules betray us?

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III. Science vs. Magic

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 Have you ever craved something and wished it would appear?

I wonder if you’ll walk in the door. I glance up without realizing the motion has been frequent.

If you appeared it wouldn’t be unexpected. Although I don’t believe in magic enough to think this would actually occur.

I make it sound like I’m sitting here waiting, which I’m not – I mean, it’s not why I came here.

I just like to write about this.

I set my IM status to “manifest” for just short of a year. (Since then I’ve learned that)
It’s hard to manifest things through technology.

Now I meditate on things like purpose, identity, and finding fire.

My home is my base, my enabler. There’s no fire there – just a warmly lit simmer, comfortable and close in the way only time can build.

Are you thinking about me too?

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