The Chemical Brothers Score One For ‘Hanna’

Following in the footsteps of Trent Reznor and Daft Punk, British electronic duo The Chemical Brothers are next in line to lend their golden touch to the silver screen.

Out this weekend, Hanna tells the story of a young girl raised in the wilds of Finland with a very unusual childhood. While most kids enjoy things like sports or video games, Hanna was trained to be the perfect assassin by her ex-CIA father. As she gets older, she’s sent into civilization for the first time on a top-secret mission where we see her show off her skills to the fullest.

The Chems are a great fit for the action-packed flick featuring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hollanderand Olivia Williams. With energy reminiscent of Run Lola Run, we follow Hanna across Europe as she eludes secret agents and faces revelations about her life during a turning point in her adolescence.

The Soundtrack is available now, and the film is due April 8.

Hanna (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – The Chemical Brothers

Watch the video for “Let Forever Be” by The Chemical Brothers:

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Hanna the Movie

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Dirty Vegas – Electric Love

What’s so good?

When changing gears for an upcoming album, it’s not unusual for an electronic artist to succumb to a particular metamorphis tending to be slightly more in tune with popular contemporaries across all genres. What? Wait a minute, is that a nice way of saying “selling out?”

Thankfully, one of the best things about the new album from the Dirty Vegas fellas is that Electric Love does the complete and utter opposite. The record picks up right where things left off seven years ago with their last full-length, One. No easy task!

They’re not having an identity crisis. They’re not trying to go the way of electro, rave, rock, or heaven forbid, anything “wave.” Dirty Vegas has written a brilliant album that’s current, relevant to the dance music community, and catchy as hell.

The album goes in different directions but remains contant to their dance music roots. We hear big, club-ready dance tunes (“Little White Doves,” “Electric Love”) and more downtempo tracks tinged with hints of disco (“Emma”).

Due April 26th, Electric Love is a well-produced album that’s definitely worth a listen.

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The Upsetter: The Life & Music of Lee “Scratch” Perry

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The documentary The Upsetter: The Life & Music of Lee “Scratch” Perry is a captivating tale that documents seventy years in the life and career of iconic artist, musician, and producer Lee “Scratch” Perry.

Hailing from Kendal, Jamaica, the musician is known as the godfather of reggae and dub with a heavy hand in the offshoot genres of ska, rocksteady, and drum and bass. Among his career highlights, he’s also the man and producer behind reggae legend Bob Marley.

Narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Benicio Del Toro, the film features songs and iconic archival footage selected from Perry’s extensive career. The incredible footage spans nearly five decades and features Lee’s renowned studio The Black Ark and his band The Upsetters. It also features Bob Marley and the WailersPaul McCartney, The Clash, and the Beastie Boys, all of whom Perry produced songs for at some point.

Outside of learning about Perry’s experiences, we’re taken on a journey experiencing first-hand what life was like in Kingston, Jamaica. You’ll be enchanted by the eccentric Perry and his outlook on life.

Watch the video for “Jammin'” by Bob Marley:

The film will be screened in select cities this month with a release on iTunes, Video On Demand and DVD coming soon.
WATCH the trailer here: