Thoughts on Geolocation, Privacy, And The Advancement Of Technology

Apple and Google are both being sued under the recent discovery that the iPhone and Android smartphones track users wherever they go. 

Apple stated that they have never tracked users’ locations, but admitted to a bug that inherently collects user data by logging a complete history of travels by way of timestamped latitude and longitude. This week, they announced a software update that prevents the iPhone and iPad from storing these movements.

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Towncraft: Documenting A Music Scene In Little Rock, Arkansas

This post is syndicated from Yahoo! Music’s AS HEARD ON.

In 1986 there wasn’t much to do in the town of Little Rock, Arkansas. Out of boredom with their scene and armed with an intense interest in what was happening musically in the rest of the country, a group of local kids got together to create music. The result sounded like nothing they’d ever heard before, and created a spark that ignited a powerful underground scene in the unlikely conservative southern town. The scene rapidly grew over the next two decades and reverberated through the country, contributing to genres like punk, rockabilly, indie rock, and beyond.

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Call & Response: Rethinking Storytelling in Video

Here are a couple of quick wireframes I mocked up for a really cool contest hosted over at MediaShift’s Idea Lab, in conjunction with The Knight Mozilla News Technology Partnership. These ideas demonstrate how new web video tools can transform storytelling in the news. From APIs to Creative Commons, live-streaming tools to interactive maps, we now have the ability to craft stories in new and compelling ways. And when it comes to video, the opportunities are endless!

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