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Digital Jukebox

Here are a few favorite artists of the moment.

I like seeing the anomalies, like Elvis Presley? Ok.

Sometimes these anomalies are embarrassing, like when you’re caught with Flo Rida as your #1 song!

I  e-mail a monthly mixtape to friends and family and will be posting it here soon. Each edition incorporates thematic elements with typically brand-new music.

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New Music: Nosaj Thing

Nosaj Thing

For this year’s Coachella Music Festival – a holiday of sorts for Los-Angelenos in the music industry – I chose to forgo the long lines, blistering heat and nutty ravers to spend a weekend of leisure in the desert area. And of course hit some pool parties along the way.

I think the decision to sit this years’ fest out was a blessing in disguise. I encountered many up-and-comers at these little parties – too small to hit the festival circuit, but absolutely rockin’ nonetheless.

When I returned to LA a couple of DJ friends at KCRW asked if I had managed to see any good acts. Nosaj Thing immediately came to mind. His glitchy, dub-step, sampled electro groove had the Imeem/Indieoasis party rockin’ and I was transfixed.

It was truly amazing to watch someone so young and forward thinking totally kill it. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

The album dropped Tuesday on Alpha Pup Records.




Nosaj Thing on Imeem



A rant on accessibility (or, i left that perfect song at home yet have 3 iPods on me)

USB Tape from http://www.geekologie.com

I’m a sucker for streaming content and the possibilities thereof. Not just because having ‘content in a cloud’ sounds sexy or because I don’t have cable at home and want to scratch a pop culture itch.

I believe that media should be accessible anytime, anyplace, from any device of choice.

From a user perspective it’s just convenient that way.

For example I want my music library with me at all times. I want access to my eMusic, Rhapsody, Last.fm, Blip and Slacker accounts and my purchases from Amazon Mp3 and iTunes. In a perfect world I would have all of these things with me at all times so I can cue up a song in the car, at the gym or at home. I want to tag a song on the go, share it with friends, and add it to a playlist to listen to later.

I want to tag a song I hear and reference it later quickly and easily.

I realize that there are many hurdles from both biz and tech standpoints for this to happen anytime soon. But do I think that syndicating content across platforms and creating ops for ad revenue there could be a good thing.