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I want to Spotify


Spotify, a music service currently only available outside of the US, is a social streaming site that allows instant listening to specific tracks or albums.

Users can easily share their library with friends and collaborate on playlists.

Although ownership of music is important to users in general a more pressing issue is accessibility. Sites like Hype Machine and Imeem allow us to share songs with friends, but we can only share the content that those sites have available to us.

By employing the peer-to-peer model like Spotify does, I can upload those special gems and curated playlists I spend weeks agonizing over. My friends can then stream the music and click-through to purchase for legitimate ownership of the song.

Spotify takes advantage of the “cloud“- data living over the internet as opposed to locally on your computer. We can peruse music quickly this way without downloading it first. Then, if a user wants ownership of the song, it can be purchased – supporting the artist rather than jacking it from a blog.

Makes sense to me.

What is Spotify?



New Music: Nosaj Thing

Nosaj Thing

For this year’s Coachella Music Festival – a holiday of sorts for Los-Angelenos in the music industry – I chose to forgo the long lines, blistering heat and nutty ravers to spend a weekend of leisure in the desert area. And of course hit some pool parties along the way.

I think the decision to sit this years’ fest out was a blessing in disguise. I encountered many up-and-comers at these little parties – too small to hit the festival circuit, but absolutely rockin’ nonetheless.

When I returned to LA a couple of DJ friends at KCRW asked if I had managed to see any good acts. Nosaj Thing immediately came to mind. His glitchy, dub-step, sampled electro groove had the Imeem/Indieoasis party rockin’ and I was transfixed.

It was truly amazing to watch someone so young and forward thinking totally kill it. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

The album dropped Tuesday on Alpha Pup Records.




Nosaj Thing on Imeem



slinging, streaming, and sharing content

The beta of Sling.com’s video site is pretty awesome. And smart.

After streaming a full clip or episode, the viewer is given the ability to leave a comment, purchase the full episode, or buy the entire season. You can also create a subscription feed that provides updates on your friends’ activity along with the shows you’ve subscribed to.

The site currently imports content from Hulu (which doesn’t allow for commenting or purchasing just yet).

The networks are smart because they know that in this day and age users will always find a way to get copyrighted content for free.

They figured that they may as well direct eyeballs back to their site, or an affiliates,  to allow free streaming while generating dough from ad-based revenue.

Perhaps just as important as ad-based revenue is connecting directly with viewers on a one-to-one basis. The viewer has the ability to engage with the brand by leaving comments, tagging items, sharing clips with friends, and providing feedback on what they watch.

Users can create profiles allowing basic data to be pulled by the site admin such as age, gender, and location.

NBC and ABC already offer up  full streaming episodes on their sites as does Comedy Central and The CW – and more have come aboard.

Music labels are coming into the fold too although there doesn’t seem to be a site that aggregates music in the same way that Hulu, Sling, or Fancast does for video. Perhaps Imeem?

Indie label Team Love recently launched a music library allowing the perusal/streaming of music from their label and even offering free downloads with no stipulations.

For a content creator, the ability to connect directly with fans is a big deal. There’s a strong possibility that they’ll stick around to purchase, share, participate, or simply watch more to connect with what you have to offer.

Viewers are also directed to your site to discover free content – rather than hitting up P2P, YouTube, or bit torrents for the goods.

Which is always a good thing.

Opportunity and Innovation: The Future of Digital Music

The most significant thing that struck me at Digital Music Forum West over the past two days is that despite the dismal state of the music industry – and the economy as a whole – there’s tremendous opportunity for growth right now in digital music.

The opportunity is large and out there for creators, investors, and artists who are willing to take risks through experimentation and outside-of-the-proverbial-box thinking. I found the panels to be inspiring because something exciting is percolating under the surface this time around. Discussions were less about policy – and more about the encouragement of creating and discovering something new.

Many of the new tools invoke change and are on the cusp of something great all while taking the needs of the listener/user in mind.

Buzzwords: pandora, imeem, recommendation, discovery, user generated content, tags, API, ad supported, niche.

As listeners increasingly participate in the process of music selection, recommendation and playback, I wonder if editorial heavy sites like Pitchfork and Stereogum will eventually be edged out by sites like Hype Machine (blogs aggregator), playlist.com and The Filter (discovery), all of which empower the user to find and share new music on their own.

What do you think?