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The #Trust30 Day Challenge [Day 11]

Imitation is Suicide. Insist on yourself; never imitate. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Write down in which areas of your life you have to overcome these suicidal tendencies of imitation, and how you can transform them into a newborn you – one that doesn’t hide its uniqueness, but thrives on it. There is a “divine idea which each of us represents” – which is yours?

(Author: Fabian Kruse)

For the record, this is the most difficult post yet. It’s taken 4 days to let it simmer because the topic hits close to home.

I’ve been in situations where I’ve been highly encouraged to imitate others in order to reach my dream. I’ve been asked to create content based on what’s been done in the past, mainly to fall in line under existing categorical expectations.

I’ve felt pressured to move to “cool” neighborhoods and have occasionally felt ridiculed for pursuing personal passions like fitness, veganism, or nerdier quests in my career. Even petty things like wearing high heels when I’m already pretty tall.

Although I have a heightened (ha) awareness of it,  I never really cared much about being judged. And I never let it affect my decision-making process.

Yet for some reason in my work, I could never trust myself enough to be unique. I thought that I needed to do what everyone else was doing in order to be any good. What I didn’t know is that the “good” comes over time with originality, practice, and purpose.

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The #Trust30 Challenge – Day 3

Prompt: The world is powered by passionate people, powerful ideas, and fearless action. What’s one strong belief you possess that isn’t shared by your closest friends or family? What inspires this belief, and what have you done to actively live it?

(Author: Buster Benson)

I know that I’m a very passionate person and can occasionally have a powerful idea or two. I often get tripped up on the action side because I become concerned by logistics. “How will I keep a decent roof over my head if I pursue my passions?” “Los Angeles is expensive. How will I get by? Maybe I should move.”

As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to let go of fear and work on my passions on the side. I do it humbly and without fear of failure or expectation of reward. Sure it’s safe and not as immersive as I’d like it to be, but it allows me to provide for myself. It also provides a kind of sense of purpose, identity, and possible opportunity for making a stronger contribution to society down the road. As opposed to just falling in line.

One very strong belief I’ve always had is believing in the possibilities. I retain a unwavering, blissful, and perhaps ignorant view that one can live beyond their wildest dreams by being open to the possibilities.

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The #Trust30 Challenge – Day 2

I’ve decided to take the 30 day trust challenge in celebration of the famed essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson on self-reliance. Each day, I’ll attempt to write a post based on a prompt released daily in the month of June.

Note: I’m joining the challenge a day late, so there is no post for Day 1.

Today’s prompt:

“If ‘the voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tacks,’ then it is more genuine to be present today than to recount yesterdays. How would you describe today using only one sentence? Tell today’s sentence to one other person. Repeat each day.”

(Author: Liz Danzico)


Today is a fighting undercurrent of the things we live for and that in which we believe in.