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Artist Ryan McGinness Takes LA


My good friends over at Kulture Kick hipped me to a few events surrounding the work of formative painter & pop iconographer Ryan McGinness.

Over the next month, a number of events and installations are happening around town including three gallery shows, new work at both Standard Hotel locations, and a nude model draw-a-thon (surprising, but not shocking. In March he released his second installation of the series “New Blacklight Women,” and who can forget when he took his series debut to a strip club at Art Basel Miami last year?).

If that’s not enough, he’s also showing SponsorshipREDUX at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects gallery. The work features a dissemination of corporate sponsors’ logos based on work he showcased at BLK/MRKT Gallery in 2003.

And of course, there will be parties.

A listing of events can be found here.

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Celebrating Innovation; 10 Years of Prius!!!

Last night, I hit the PCH and headed to Malibu for the Toyota Prius 10th Anniversary party. It was held at the Wright Organic Resource Center, a rustic 24 acre site dedicated to the education and development of issues on ecological design, environmental responsibility, sustainability, and alternative agriculture.

As a die-hard Prius fan – I’ve been driving one since 2006 and recently upgraded from the 2007 model II to the 2010 IV- I was giddy all week and super stoked to attend.

In addition to meeting folks from the Prius camp and hobnobbing with like-minded hybrid car fanatics, the celebration included lifestyle workshops curated by Wired and SHFT, panels on sustainability, live music from M. Ward and Shepard Fairey, and a dinner al fresco.

The talks were inspiring and definitely got my internal gears going. Dinner, courtesy of Outstanding in the Field, was fantastic. I enjoyed learning about the direct farm-to-table approach of cooking. It created further awareness of where our food comes from, encouraging more personal action to buy local produce and make a small difference on the day-to-day level.


All in all, it was a dream evening for a design, tech, music and sustainability geek like me. I met many incredible and forward thinking folks – we toasted with like-minded bloggers, chatted green with local gardeners, sparred tech with folks from Wired, and chatted Prius with members from their team. We also got a glimpse of the plug-in hybrid model (PHV), available in 2012.

Thanks to Filter for an incredible Sunday evening!