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Data is the new Journal. (2 of 2)


Social sharing sites like Facebook and Google+ are great for countless reasons. The discovery factor is amplified and quick. We have the ability to catch up and communicate with people easily and on-the-go.

Our social networks, paired alongside various algorithms, place everything in somewhat omnidirectional proportion to our personal interests. Some folks watch the stream of information passively while others can’t help but participate. Frequently. Like a habit that’s hard to break. But habits are usually created because there’s some sort of personal payoff involved. What’s in it here?

Do we participate out of boredom? For entertainment? Documentation? Self-declaration? All of the above?

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Shiny Toy Guns Heart Social Media; Yelawolf

With the return of original singer Carah Faye, the electronic indie rock band Shiny Toy Guns are back in a big way. Carah’s return was announced last month and the single “The Sun” was recently released on their site.

I had the chance to chat with Carah and Jeremy on a Sunday afternoon a few weeks back during Grammy weekend. After a late night on the town, I met the duo for coffee in Hollywood where we chatted about the rebirth of Shiny Toy Guns, their upcoming album, all things social media…and their love of Eminem’s new artist Yelawolf! It was the best afternoon ever!

On Getting Back Together:

On Their Upcoming Album:

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I want to Spotify


Spotify, a music service currently only available outside of the US, is a social streaming site that allows instant listening to specific tracks or albums.

Users can easily share their library with friends and collaborate on playlists.

Although ownership of music is important to users in general a more pressing issue is accessibility. Sites like Hype Machine and Imeem allow us to share songs with friends, but we can only share the content that those sites have available to us.

By employing the peer-to-peer model like Spotify does, I can upload those special gems and curated playlists I spend weeks agonizing over. My friends can then stream the music and click-through to purchase for legitimate ownership of the song.

Spotify takes advantage of the “cloud“- data living over the internet as opposed to locally on your computer. We can peruse music quickly this way without downloading it first. Then, if a user wants ownership of the song, it can be purchased – supporting the artist rather than jacking it from a blog.

Makes sense to me.

What is Spotify?