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The Return of The Society

The Society Global, originally based in N.Y.C. and Toronto with new outposts in L.A. and Miami, is a social club for creatives of the world.

Acting as social editors, the leaders of the organization aim to provide exposure for the arts on an international level by delivering exclusive cultural events of the music, literature, and cuisine varieties.

The Society kicked off a new series this month entitled The Society Living Room Concert Series. Presented by Johnnie Walker, the series aims to present up and coming bands to attendees in an ultra-exclusive, intimate setting.

The series began in NYC with Black Taxi, and continued on the left coast two weeks ago with a special performance by Silverlake’s Family of the Year.

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Interview: TOMS Shoes Founder Blake Mycoskie

TOMS shoes, a company started in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie from his Venice, CA apartment, has quickly become a social movement – a phenomenon quickly propelling the shoe brand into the hearts and minds of consumers and social activists alike. Gaining momentum on college campuses and through social sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s now a top-selling shoe at popular department stores like Nordstroms.

TOMS “One for One” business model means that for every pair of shoes purchased, another is given away to a child in need. And now, four years after it was founded with a goal of giving away two hundred and fifty pairs, TOMS is celebrating giving away the one millionth pair – something Blake had never anticipated happening when first starting out.

Thanks to generous support from the good folks at AT&T, I had the opportunity to travel to Argentina for the One Millionth Pair Shoe Drop. The group consisted of just over 30 folks from the TOMS staff, partners from AT&T and Gowalla, members of the media including noted photographers and videographers, and Blake’s parents – two of the most incredible folks I’ve had the chance to meet.

Over the course of a week, we delivered and placed TOMS shoes on the feet of hundreds of children. We traveled around the Argentine state of Misiones visiting rural villages and schools,  hand-delivering shoes and engaging with children in an effort to prevent disease and create a memorable moment in a child’s life.

I had a chance to speak with Blake about the impact of social media, where the name TOMS came from and what’s next for the revolutionary company. Check it out!

For more of our coverage, see:  http://toms1m.wordpress.com

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